"Strong Mind - Strong Body"

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Power Barre can be the absolute best workout you can do post baby.  It is low impact so it can be done as soon as you're ready (and doc cleared) but has big results.  Along with helping to tone the visible belly, it gets deep into the core muscles that have been stretched and pulls them back together. The best part - your pelvic floor gets toned throughout class without you even having to put your mind to it! 

Many mama's have come to us and seen quick results as they get their pre baby body back!

Stronger knee yogi

Linda was a STRONG yoga practicioner who had a dedicated years long practice.  For as long as she had been practicing and teaching yoga she was working with a knee injury that just wouldn't let her explore some postures.  When she started doing barre at LPY she saw a remarkable change!  The muscles around her knee - in her upper thigh and around the knee - started to strengthen in a way they never did with just her yoga practice.  She was then able to do many more things on the yoga mat and it left her feeling younger and stronger than ever!

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Weight Loss Wonder

She had tried it all and hadn't seen the results she wanted to!  She was middle aged and working long hours and not taking care of herself.  It wasn't until she tried barre that she saw the power she had to commit and see results! We see this story all the time.  Classes are a short 1 hour and you can shoot in and out from work. Prioritize you! 


Barre For your babies

While barre will make you physically stronger for sure, it will also make you mentally stronger and happier.  Taking time for you makes you more patient and kind.  What's even better than toned triceps? Happy kids and houses! 

What else? Healthy barre habits give you more energy.  We all know how much it takes to keep up with kiddos, and barre infuses you with a fresh start that keeps you going long after class!

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Me & Mom

We see time and time again moms and grown daughters coming to class together! It's something anyone of any age can do and benefit from and it's an awesome way to bond as you look over and see your loved one quiver and shake!


The Unfit Fit

Working out can feel awesome but getting the motivation to get there is sometimes hard! We love hearing from people how they don't consider themselves "fit" but how barre is still fun and awesome for them every time they come.  There are a lot of people tell us they never workout but barre is so fun with it's upbeat music and awesome instructors they have become strong and had a great time doing it!