I found yoga back in 2003.  I was an avid long distance runner who often had to take time off because of injuries.  I thought I would give yoga a shot while I was unable to run.  In the beginning I went to yoga classes for the physical aspects of the practice.  Over time I found that I kept coming back to my mat for more than just the physical part of the practice but more for the calming and grounding feeling that I got each time I showed up.

Through my experiences I hope to bring my students both a challenge for their body but also the feeling of leaving our practice more grounded and with a clearer mind.


My love for yoga eventually led me to the Barre.  Barre is a great compliment to the yoga practice.  When you leave Barre you feel strong and toned.  The small movements and lighter weights make the class accessible to many different fitness levels, from the avid fitness person to someone who is just coming back to working out.  If you are looking for a new workout routine or to add something new out give Barre a try!!  It is challenging and rewarding at the same time.  See you at the Barre!