I took my first Barre class on whim with a friend many years ago. For me it was the perfect intersection of strength training and dancing. I studied classical ballet and other forms of dance from the time I was young. An accident and surgery in my teenage years left me unable to walk for several months, also having to renegotiate how to incorporate dance and movement back into my life. I began practicing yoga soon after and have used it as a tool for both body and mind wellness as I navigate parenting, teaching, and well…everything.

Fast forward to Spring 2013: I took a Barre & Soul Method class I knew right away I had found something unique. It was just the training routine I needed to elevate both my running and yoga practice. I was amazed to find yoga arm balances that once seemed impossible a fun and accessible challenge. Regular knee pain started to fade away as lower body strength increased. In short order, I realized it was my calling to teach this method to others. I am extremely grateful to have completed the 100 hour Barre & Soul Teacher Training with Andrea Isabelle Lucas in the Spring of 2014.

As a practitioner I love the experience of working hard, laughing (out loud), and enjoying the company of the others in class. As a teacher, I am passionate about providing a rigorous but fun experience and reminding everyone that strength grows with time…so keep coming back! I find that my students are some of my best teachers and I look forward to meeting you soon.