Day 2! Forming & Tracking New Habits

Good Morning!

Reminder: There’s a session today at 12:10pm if you can make it!

We hope you guys are feeling (good, or bad or anything) about last night if you were able to join.  Lots of stuff will come up and that is good and part of the process. Just sit back and try to notice!  It was fun to get to know each other. Lorraine did a PowerPoint and we’ll share the recording as we put some finishing touches on it.

Today we get into the nuts and bolts of your brain training.  Habit tracking and habit forming is essential when it comes to rewiring the brain to naturally be more inclined to gratitude and happiness.  

Start today and do these things daily:


  1. Write (or think of with no distraction and then share with someone) something you are grateful for and why you are grateful for it.  It had to have happened today. Each day it should be different.

  2. Send out an email/text/note to someone new each day saying thanks, or that you appreciate them, or why they inspire you.  Spend no more than 2 minutes doing this and don’t expect or want anything in return.

  3. Meditate or lie in constructive rest (tomorrow’s post is all about constructive rest and its benefits).  Meditate for at least 3 minutes or lay in constructive rest, you should shoot for at least 12 minutes. Tomorrow, we’ll share a guided meditation and info on constructive rest.


  1. Exercise.  We probably all know the benefits and that we should do it.  But, for our purposes this category isn’t for you to form a new habit.  Unless you want it! It will be a good indicator of overall happiness and productivity.  So, just start charting if you did exercise. You can write what you did and how it made you feel.  Not every exercise every day is going to feel the same.

  2. Sleep.  Grown human beings should get around 7-9 hours of sleep a night.  This is more a tracking tool for you to explore your patterns. If you did 7 or more hours fill in your circle on your workbook.  If you did or didn’t, maybe jot down reasons you might think that happened (ie. too much coffee or baby kept you up, etc…)

That’s it for today!  You guys have this!

Here is a little video of Jillian & Mickey (that’s my 8 month old). It is a brief description of how the Gratitude Tracker Workbook works.

Grateful for YOU!

Lorraine & Jillian