Day 1! Welcome To The Gratitude Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Welcome! We are GRATEFUL you are up for a good challenge! It really takes a certain person and the right timing to take on something new.

For the next 28-days we'll be bringing you tools to work with, ways to share, things to experiences and resources to keep you going.

We will ask you to move out of your comfort zone in the interest of growth.  We'll create a fun, safe space that will give you the space to continue sharing and reaching out even after the month is over.

Day 1 is all about creating the space to make you successful so that means getting your ducks in a row!  Below are things you will need and some homework for you (don’t worry - it’s fun and easy)!

There is an in-person meet up today at 1:10pm that we are still holding if you want to come. The official beginning and Kick Off Party is tonight at 5pm. See facebook for details

Create a space at home for all of this. Make it as clean and serene as you can - now, between the two of us we have six kids, so we get it.  Do your best.

  • A timer, it can be simple. I often use the setting on my phone.

  • A journal or notebook you'll be writing/journiling and emailing as part of your daily exercises.

  • A facebook account, you will need to join the closed facebook group and share as it feels right.  

  • The attached gratitude tracker.  We will be reviewing this at the kick off party and at the meetings for the first week. Bring all your questions!  I will also do a short presentation and put it on our facebook group. We will have copies at LPY if you don’t have a printer.

  • Take the Authentic Happiness Inventory test and get your baseline score.  This only takes 3 minutes. Take a screenshot or write your score down in your workbook.

  • Take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths test.  The link below will bring you to a bunch of surveys.  Go about ¼ the way down the page and find the VIA survey.  This one takes a while! Probably 20-25 minutes. So, no worries on doing it today. We won’t talk about it for a while.  But, it is super interesting and will help you as we progress so take it when you have the time. Save your answers in your workbook.

We will give you specific things to share over the course of the 3 week challenge. We have worked on sharing Jillian and I are better at experiencing (we're kind of private) but the sharing will be very purposeful. :)

We want you to know that you are designed to get stronger, your brain is powerful and will be a product of your patterns.  Neuroscience is continuing to prove that you can change and rewire your brain no matter your age. During this challenge you will be asked to become more aware of your thought patterns. We will attempt to keep you focusing on things that will create an advantage that helps you to zero in on happiness. Happiness becomes the a predictor of success and not the other way around...more to come on this too!

Are you ready? We hope so!!

With Gratitude,

Lorraine & Jillian

Ps. Here is your Gratitude Tracker Workbook!